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Table 3 Research priorities by target group

From: Trends in suicide-related research in Australia

Target groupsArticlesaGrants/fellowshipsa
1999–20062010–20172 sample prop. test1999–20062010–20172 sample prop. test
Young people (aged 24 or less)58.127.857.018.0− 2.70.00812.748.713.849.40.10.959
Adults (aged 25–64)5.42.629.
Older people (aged 65 or more)12.35.917.05.4− 0.20.8072. 0.491b
Indigenous people8. 0.242b
People from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds1.
People in rural and remote areas7.83.710.03.2− 0.30.7571.
People bereaved by suicide2. 1.0b
People who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex2. 0.491b
People with mental health problems22.710.837.− 0.30.805
People with substance use problems11.05.312.03.8− 0.80.4121.
People with physical health problems6.
People who have attempted suicide37.718.021.06.6− 4.1< 0.0013.814.71.55.4− 1.20.252
Offenders9.− 1.70.0841.− 0.40.702
Current or ex-serving military personnel0. 1.0b0.
Other14.26.851. 1.0b
Total208.9100.0317.0100.0  26.0100.028.0100.0  
  1. Test results highlighted in italics mean a significant in the variable of relevance change over time
  2. aThe number of grants/fellowships and articles may not be integer due to the weighting applied in the coding
  3. bFisher’s exact test