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Table 1 Research priorities by suicide behavior

From: Trends in suicide-related research in Australia

Suicide behaviorArticlesaGrants/fellowshipsa
1999–20062010–20172 sample prop. test1999–2006201020172 sample prop. test
Suicide100.041.6237.856.93.8< 0.0017.841.219.557.41.10.258
Attempted suicide89.537.295.822.9− 3.9< 0.0018.343.8720.6− 1.80.074
Suicidal thoughts48.520.276.718.3− 0.60.5502.814.97.522.10.60.526
Other suicidal behavior2.317.
Total240100418100  1910034100  
  1. Test results highlighted in italics mean a significant in the variable of relevance change over time
  2. aThe number of grants/fellowships and articles may not be integer due to the weighting applied in the coding