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Table 2 Barriers to access to care (BACE) [21] in non-attenders (n = 61)

From: Equitable access to mental healthcare integrated in primary care for people with severe mental disorders in rural Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study

Barriers to accessing careNumber (%)
Thought would get better by itself27 (44.6)
Concerns about cost of treatment27 (44.6)
Lack of money for transportation23 (37.0)
Thought no treatment for problem22 (36.7)
Wanted to handle it by themselves18 (29.1)
Problem did not bother them18 (29.1)
Unsure about where to go or who to see12 (19.7)
Concerns about time10 (16.9)
Treatment did not work before9 (14.5)
Ashamed to seek help8 (13.1)
Scared of forced hospitalisation7 (11.8)
Not satisfied with available care7 (11.8)
Thought people might look down upon them7 (11.8)
Worried people might find out6 (9.4)
Worried about side-effects of treatment5 (8.0)
Worried about being treated differently5 (8.0)
Concerns that might harm chances of work5 (8.0)
Childcare and logistic problems3 (4.2)
Concern that might harm chances of marriage3 (4.2)
Thought family would resist1 (1.4)