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Table 3 Demographics characteristics of year 10 students and responsible teachers

From: An evaluation of the teen and Youth Mental Health First Aid training with a CALD focus: an uncontrolled pilot study with adolescents and adults in Australia

CharacteristicsPre-training (n = 308)a%
Adolescent group
  Identify with another term41.3
 English as first language
 Language other than English (top 3)
 Age (years old)
 14 years old or older in 2018
 Pre-training (n = 34)b%
Teachers/responsible adults group
 Age (years old)38.38 (13.50)
  Bachelor degree1959.4
  Masters degree1134.3
  1. aMay not add to 308 due to missing data
  2. bMay not add to 34 due to missing data