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Table 2 SHARP capacity building activities and enrollment

From: The Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Partnership (SHARP) for Mental Health Capacity Building: a program protocol for building implementation science and mental health research and policymaking capacity in Malawi and Tanzania

ComponentEnrollment totalsEnrollment by positionEnrollment by country
Short courses# Targeted# Applied# EnrolledResearcher enrolleesPolicymaker enrolleesProvider enrolleesMalawian enrolleesTanzanian enrollees
Introductory short course Cohort #12037211614165
Introductory short course Cohort #2204816916412
Advanced short course Cohort #110Scheduled for 2020
Introductory short course Cohort #320Scheduled for 2021
Advanced short course Cohort #210Scheduled for 2022
Multi-platform dialogue
 Journal club Q1 201820N/A980143
 Journal club Q2 201820N/A171700170
 Journal club Q3 201820N/A151500150
 Journal club Q4 2018 N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
 Journal club 201920Scheduled for Q1–Q4 2019
 Journal club 202020Scheduled for Q1–Q4 2020
 Journal club 202120Scheduled for Q1–Q4 2021
 Journal club 202220Scheduled for Q1–Q4 2022
 Webinar 2018 Q320N/A121200111
 Webinar 2019 Q120Scheduled for Q1 2019
 Webinar 2019 Q320Scheduled for Q3 2019
 Webinar 2020 Q120Scheduled for Q1 2020
 Webinar 2020 Q320Scheduled for Q3 2020
 Webinar 2021 Q120Scheduled for Q1 2021
 Webinar 2021 Q320Scheduled for Q3 2021
 Webinar 2022 Q120Scheduled for Q1 2022
 Webinar 2022 Q320Scheduled for Q3 2022
 Community forum60Scheduled for 2018
On-the-job training
 On-the-job training 20191–2Scheduled for 2019
 On-the-job training 20201–2Scheduled for 2020
 On-the-job training 20211–2Scheduled for 2021
 On-the-job training 20221–2Scheduled for 2022
Pilot grants
 Pilot grantee Cohort #13–510 (teams of 2)4 (teams of 2) 4403 (teams of 2) 1 (team of 2) 
 Pilot grantee Cohort #23–5Scheduled for 2019
 Pilot grantee Cohort #33–5Scheduled for 2020
 Pilot grantee Cohort #43–5Scheduled for 2021
Mentor the mentors
 Advanced short course Cohort #110Scheduled for 2020
 Advanced short course Cohort #210Scheduled for 2022