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Table 8 Quotes on compatibility with professional life before (T0) and after (T1) treatment

From: Psychosomatic–psychotherapeutic treatment in an evening clinic: a qualitative examination of patients’ expectations and experiences

5. Compatibility with professional life
T0.5.1 Avoiding being absent from work (51)
 ”But I’d feel pretty bad if I couldn’t work because of that at the moment. That would beat me up”(C)
T0.5.2 Work as a stabilizing factor (11)
 “And when I work and when I have a job then I’m distracted. I’ve filled my time in a meaningful way. And it also gives me the feeling of independence and of not being helpless. If I’d just sit at home, I’d feel even sicker. Like this, at least I have the feeling of being a part of society.”(G)
T0.5.3 Support in job-associated topics (10)
 “Of course I hope to find a new job relatively soon—one that is possible because of my treatment in the evening clinic. That this is possible at the same time and that I’ll have support here. That would also be an advantage of the evening clinic over in-patient therapy.”(F)
T0.5.4 Time challenge (34)
 “Well, that you come here stressed out, your head is not free, you are still thinking of work or of your kids, that you might overtax yourself even though it is supposed to be a positive offer—but perhaps it will return as a boomerang?”(H)
(G) Avoiding being absent from work (23)
 ”Well, um, I don’t think I would have come this far if I hadn’t been working.”(A)
 ”Of course, there’s also a certain fear of what could happen if it became known, yes, of course.”(D)
T1.5.2 Support with professional topics (9)
 ”[….] and then I started vocational rehabilitation, but first I was working part-time and now, slowly, I am beginning to work full-time. And I realize how other aspects in the job are starting to surface again [….]”.(M)
T1.5.3 Time challenge (30)
 ”Being here from 5:00 p.m. three times a week and to juggle this with the job wasn’t always easy.”(B)