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Table 4 Quotes on the therapy process before (T0) and after (T1) treatment

From: Psychosomatic–psychotherapeutic treatment in an evening clinic: a qualitative examination of patients’ expectations and experiences

1. The therapy process
T0.1.1 Tasks und goals (115)
 ”Concerning my depression, I had hoped that my mood would generally improve and that I would be less anxious and could start processing everything.”(G)
 ”It is about processing. How to deal with certain situations or things that happen and to understand why my body or I react in a certain way—it is something completely new.”(Y)
 “The regular sessions encourage you to leave your comfort zone and talk about things. Rather than pushing everything away you have to engage with certain topics, more or less.”(H)
T0.1.2 Difficulties during the therapeutic process (36)
 ”That it may not work, that I will be disappointed and have to look for another way—that would be awful.”(R)
 “That I have to confront myself with my anxieties, problems and assessments in front of the group. That is what I find difficult, too.”(S)
T1.1.1 Tasks and goals (59)
 “Yes, so, I’ve learned to cope better with thoughts or perhaps feelings, also in the moment.”(K)
 “And every time I was there I felt very safe, I always had this feeling: Nothing is going to happen to me here.”(U)
T1.1.2 Difficulties during the therapeutic process (36)
 “I would have wished for more support in that direction.”(F)