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Table 7 Participant use of the manual following the course

From: Teen Mental Health First Aid for years 7–9: a description of the program and an initial evaluation

QuestionResponse optionPercentage (%)
How much of the manual did you read?None of it38.0
Part of it32.9
Most of it20.9
All of it8.0
How easy was it to understand?Very difficult1.2
Neither easy not difficult73.7
Did not read23.4
Do you think you will use the manual in the future?Yes11.4
Not sure48.4
I already have1.7
What have you done with the manual?aKept it29.5
Lent it to someone2.5
Given it away1.5
Thrown it away9.1
Lost it17.3
Don’t know23.4
Did you show the manual to anyone in your family?Yes13.8
Not sure/can’t remember27.2
  1. aMultiple responses could be selected