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Table 5 Descriptive statistics on the binary outcome measures at each time point and mixed model analyses of change over time

From: Teen Mental Health First Aid for years 7–9: a description of the program and an initial evaluation

 Observed proportionsEstimated population-averaged proportions
PrePost3-month follow-upPrePost3-month follow-upPre to postPre to follow-up
N%N%N%%%%School ICCOR95% CIpOR95% CIp
Correct recognition of anxiety disorder46242.633739.235047.440.336.845.30.1000.710.45–1.110.1351.591.02–2.460.039*
Correct recognition of any mental health problem46249.833754.335052.647.451.250.20.0651.340.89–2.030.1631.250.83–1.870.284
Stigma—would not tell anyone (disagree/strongly disagree)47566.735868.435658.166.768.157.50.0001.120.75–1.670.5730.500.34–0.740.001*
Would seek appropriate help47582.536188.135684.682.087.683.50.036*2.071.22–3.520.007*1.190.72–1.960.493
  1. *statistically significant
  2. ICC intra-class correlation, CI confidence interval