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Table 2 Vignette used in student questionnaires

From: Teen Mental Health First Aid for years 7–9: a description of the program and an initial evaluation

Jeanie is a 14 year old living at home with her parents. Jeanie started at your school last year and you are the only friend she has made so far. She seems very shy. When you ask her why she doesn’t make more of an effort, she says she would really like to make more friends but is scared that she’ll do or say something embarrassing when she’s around others. Although Jeanie’s schoolwork is OK she rarely says a word in class. She becomes incredibly nervous, trembles, blushes and seems like she might vomit if she has to answer a question or speak in front of the class. At her house you have seen that Jeanie is quite talkative with her family but becomes quiet if anyone she doesn’t know well comes over. She has stopped answering the phone and doesn’t come to parties anymore. Jeanie says she knows her fears are unreasonable but she can’t seem to control them and this really upsets her