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Table 1 Content and structure of the tMHFA 7–9 training

From: Teen Mental Health First Aid for years 7–9: a description of the program and an initial evaluation

Session 1Session 2Session 3
Topics presented
 Mental health
 Helpful and unhelpful thinking
 Mental health problems
 Appropriate help
 The importance of helping your friends
When should I do something?
Teen MHFA Action Plan
Helping someone who is suicidal
Putting what you’ve learned into practice
Teen MHFA Action Plan
Helping a friend with a mental health problem
Looking after yourself
 What it was like for me—Part 1 (lived experience film; 4:39)Seeking help from a professional (filmed discussion with professionals 6:14)
I’m fine (scripted drama film; 7:20)
What it was like for me—Part 2 (lived experience film; 4:34)
What it was like for me—Part 3 (lived experience film; 5:35)
Session activities
 Unhelpful thinking
 How mental health problems affect young people
Review quiz
Helpful people
Looking for warning signs
Helping James
Review quiz
Helping Kasey
Taking care of yourself