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Table 2 Table of characteristics of LHWs

From: The experiences of lay health workers trained in task-shifting psychological interventions: a qualitative systematic review

First author/year LHW Total no. of LHWs Previous qualifications of LHW Previous training/role within the community
Armstrong, J., 2003 Paraprofessional counsellors 12 Unknown Five people had no previous counselling training while seven had some form of training experience
Naeem, S., 2003 Lay women 19 Unknown No previous training
Jordans, M.J., 2007 Paraprofessionals 26 Minimal educational background (i.e., mainly high school level, with a few college-level participants Unknown
Rahman, A., 2007 Lady health workers 24 Completed secondary school Trained to provide mainly preventative mother and child health care and education
Pereira, B., 2011 Lay health counsellor 17 Unknown Unknown
Coe, C., 2013 Volunteer befrienders 14 Unknown No previous training
Atif, N., 2016 Peer volunteers 8 They had an education of at least 10 years No previous training
Maulik, P.K., 2016 Accredited social health activist (ASHA) 4 Unknown Responsible for providing basic maternal and child care through government funded schemes
Chibanda, D., 2017 Lay health workers 7 Mean of 8 years of education Previous training in home based care for people living with HIV and AIDS, in community follow-up of persons on TB treatment and in delivering community health education and promotion
Khan, M.N., 2017 Lay helpers 2 Lay helpers had 16 years of education No previous training