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Table 1 Table of characteristics of studies (n = 10)

From: The experiences of lay health workers trained in task-shifting psychological interventions: a qualitative systematic review

First author/year Participant type (no.) Study design Psychological intervention Mental health condition Data collection method Method of analysis
Armstrong, J., 2003 Paraprofessional counsellors (12) Mixed methods Counselling Unknown Open-ended questionnaires Content analysis
Naeem, S., 2003 Lay women (11) Mixed methods Counselling Anxiety and depression Focus groups and open-ended feedback Unknown
Jordans, M.J., 2007 Paraprofessional counsellors (26) Qualitative study Counselling Mild to severe psychosocial problems Semi-structured interviews Content analysis
Rahman, A., 2007 Lady Health Workers (24) Mixed methods Thinking Healthy Programme (CBT) Perinatal depression Focus groups Systematic triangulation process
Pereira, B., 2011 Lay health counsellor (17) Qualitative study Psychoeducation CMD Qualitative semi-structured interviews Thematic framework analysis
Coe, C., 2013 Volunteers befrienders (14) Mixed methods Perinatal support Maternal anxiety and depression Qualitative interviews Unknown
Atif, N., 2016 Peer volunteers (8) Qualitative study Thinking Healthy Programme (CBT) Perinatal depression Interviews and focus groups Thematic framework analysis
Maulik, P.K., 2016 Accredited social health activists (4) Mixed methods Mobile technology based electronic decision support system (EDSS) CMD Focus groups Thematic analysis
Chibanda, D., 2017 Lay health workers (7) Qualitative study Problem solving therapy CMD Semi-structured interviews Thematic content analysis
Khan, M.N., 2017 Lay helpers (2) Mixed methods Problem solving and behavioural activation Anxiety and depression Semi-structured interviews Thematic content analysis