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Table 2 Focus group discussions semi-structured topic guide

From: Insights into the system of care of the elderly with mental disorders from the perspective of informal caregivers in Lithuania

1. What type of specialists/individuals could you name as directly involved in the care/supervision or coordination of the one you care for?
    Please, describe what these people do. How are they involved in the care process?
    What is your experience regarding communication/collaboration with these specialists/individuals?
2. How would you evaluate the present care of the person you deliver care to—could you name the positive and the negative aspects?
    Could you tell us about the aspects that you are satisfied with?
    Could you tell us about the aspects of care you are struggling with?
3. In your opinion, what are the basic needs of your care receiver that should be met in order to ensure proper, more effective and better care overall?
    According to your experience, is it possible to satisfy those needs by using external resources?
    To what extent do you use personal resources (which ones) to meet those needs?
4. What is your experience as a caregiver?
    How do you feel taking care of your family member?
    Who supports and strengthens you in this situation?
    What kind of help would you need as a caregiver?
    What are your personal expectations and needs?
5. Maybe some other aspects have not been reviewed and you think they are important to be mentioned?