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Table 6 Positive outcomes from engaging with MePlusMe

From: Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of the contents, design, and functionalities of an online intervention promoting mental health, wellbeing, and study skills in Higher Education students

Theme Participant comment examples
Improved positive thinking and enhanced memory I tried to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones
It has enhanced my memory
Improved self-confidence I feel confident about myself and the place I am right now
Provided reassurance that self-improvement is possible It made me feel better knowing there were more things I could be doing to help myself
Provided reassurance that others had similar experiences Assured me that everyone is going through the same issues and also with the right thinking about them and solving them correctly
Provided practical outcomes through study tips I managed to have a pretty clear schedule
Good tips for planning exam studying in January
Good study tips
I like how it has a pragmatic approach to actually giving you some techniques and work sheets which are tangible