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Table 3 Visitor evaluation of the Rural Art Roadshow (n = 145)

From: Promoting mental health through a Rural Art Roadshow: perspectives of participating artists

Questions Mean (SD) Median
The Rural Roadshow I have viewed…
 Was helpful to my understanding of mental health 3.96a (0.84) 4
 Was a welcome addition to our community activities 4.51 (0.70) 5
 Is something I believe will help promote conversation about mental health 4.27 (0.74) 5
 Is something that should be repeated each year 4.39 (0.70) 5
 Will help lessen stigma of mental health in our community 4.38 (0.76) 5
 Is something that I would encourage others to see 4.56 (0.67) 5
  1. aLikert Scale of 1–5 with 5 indicating strong agreement