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Table 1 Actors’ involvement in the domestic violence prevention and control law process in Vietnam

From: The evolution of domestic violence prevention and control in Vietnam from 2003 to 2018: a case study of policy development and implementation within the health system

LevelActorsAgenda settingDevelopment phaseNational DV surveyAdministrationImplementation phase
National levelNational Assemblyxx   
 Vietnam Population and Family Planning committeea (VPFPC)xx   
Ministry of Health (MOH)xx xx
Department of Family, Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (MOCST) x x (coordination)x
Ministry of Justicexx xx
Ministry of Labor Invalid and Social Affairxx xx (in social welfare service system)
Police, Courtxx xx
Ministry of Information and Communication x xx (in mass media)
 Ministry of Education and training   xx (in education system)
 General Statistic Office (GSO)  x  
Local levelProvincial health department and district hospital,  x xx
 Commune health center    x
 Provincial, district and commune People committee xx (some selected province)xx
 Police, Courts x xx
 Provincial department of Culture (coordinator)   xx
UN agenciesUNFPAxxx xx (some small scale projects)
Development partnersDanish Embassy,xx   
Swiss Embassyxx   
Spanish agency for international development and MDG achievement fund.  x (funded)  
Civil society organisationsNGOs,/international NGOs xx x (some small projects)
Vietnam women union/youth union/Vietnam father frontxx  x
 Mass mediaxxx (dissemination workshop)xX
UsersUsers (survivors, pepetrators, families and community)   x x
  1. aVPFPC was closed down in 2008, the department of Family from VPFPC was merged to MOCST
  2. Italic indicates the actors involved in this study