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Table 2 Key challenges facing emerging researchers and recommendations

From: Enhancing mental health research capacity: emerging voices from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) global hubs

Challenges Recommendations
Access to funding Assisting established researchers to write their grant applications and gaining experience in the process (this could be linked to a mentoring program for early career researchers)
Fostering collaborations between established researchers in high income countries and early career psychiatrists in LMIC to enhance access to funding opportunities
Access to mentorship Fostering collaborations with established international researchers using technology to make mentorship more accessible
Providing continuing mentorship after completion of CB activities and enhancing learning process and researchers motivation
Funding international exchange visits of early career researchers across high and LMIC
Promoting international networking opportunities
Lack of research specific skills Providing training in project-specific and context-relevant skills, including training on online platforms and short courses
Supervising training in the practical applications of CB activities (e.g. a course of qualitative research methods could be twinned with a hands-on course on qualitative data analysis)
Scarcity of hands for supervised research training Providing supervised field training on research planning and implementation