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Table 3 Responses to the item of attitude subscales among Aykel town residents, Northwest, Ethiopia, 2015 (n = 832)

From: Intention to seek help for depression and associated factors among residents of Aykel town, Northwest Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

ItemsStrongly disagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly agree
If you believed that you were having a depression, your first inclination would be to get treatment of depression384.616019.212414.934941.916119.4
The idea of talking about problems with a professional strikes me as a poor way to get rid of emotional conflicts11413.728534.310612.722527.010212.3
If you were experiencing a serious depression at this point in your life, you would be confident that you could find relief in professional202.4576.913816.639046.922727.3
There is something admirable in the attitude of a person who is willing to cope with his or her conflicts and fears without resorting to professional help253.08410.1617.336744.129535.5
You would want to get psychological help if you were worried or upset for a long period of time141.7232.8374.446956.428934.7
You might want to have professional help in the future151.8728.713516.240148.220925.1
A person with an emotional problem is not likely to solve it alone; he or she is likely to solve it with professional help131.6334.0465.540849.033239.9
Considering the time and expense involved in professional help, it would have doubtful value for a person like you23528.236543.9708.410312.4597.1
A person should work out his or her own problems; getting professional help would be a last resort637.615218.39911.935142.216720.1
Depression, like many things, tend to work out by themselves8410.118922.717721.325130.213115.7