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Table 3 Outcomes and instruments

From: The resource group method in severe mental illness: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial and a qualitative multiple case study

Measurement Outcome Instrument (type of assessment) Time (min)
Primary Empowerment NEL (self-rated) 15
Secondary Demographic information DEM_1 (self-rated) 10
Quality of life MANSA (self-rated) 5
Recovery I.ROC (interview) 15
Community and social functioning WHO-DAS 2.0-36 (interview) 15–20
Global functioning GAF/SOFAS (observer-rated) 5
Social contacts DEM_2 (self-rated) 10
Clinical symptoms BSI-18 (self-rated) 5–10
Attachment RAAS (self-rated) 5–10
Satisfaction with care CSQ, domain relatives involvement VSSS-EU (self-rated) 5
Economic evaluation Use of healthcare services TIC-P (interview) 10
Quality of life EQ-5D-5L (self-rated) 3
Significant others Burden of significant others IEQ (filled in by informal support system) 10