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Table 2 The six phases of the RG-method

From: The resource group method in severe mental illness: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial and a qualitative multiple case study

Phase Actions
Preparation Patient and case-manager draft sociogram
Patient and case-manager nominate RG members
Patient and case-manager draft the RG plan (containing two long-term goals; two short-term goals; crisis plan)
Investment Case-manager establishes contact with nominated significant others
Case-manager interviews nominated significant others, covering at minimum
    Their expectations of, commitment to and responsibility in the RG
    Their relationship and previous experiences with the patient and other nominated RG members
    Their contribution to the RG
Planning Patient and case-manager set date of first RG meeting
Patient and case-manager set up and print agenda
Patient decides
    The location of the RG meeting
    The chairman
    The frequency of the RG meetings
    The channel of communication between the different RG meetings
First RG meeting All RG members introduce themselves or are introduced by the patient
The patient and/or case-manager give a short explanation of the RG method and confidentiality
The RG discusses the agenda
    The RG goals
    The crisis plan
    The role of each RG member, concrete actions to achieve the RG goals
Follow-up RG meetings During the follow-up RG meetings
    The RG evaluates goals, assignments and progress
    The RG updates the goals and the RG plan, and decides on new actions to achieve the goals
    Skills trainings are available for RG members (e.g., problem solving and emotional communication)
When wished by the patient or another RG member, the composition of the RG can change if different persons are better suited to achieve the updated goals
Once a year psychiatrist attends the RG
Reorientation Discussion on composition of the RG, depending on the phase of care
    De-intensification of care: transition to GP/social domain or to only informal RG members
    Intensification of care (e.g., crisis plan)