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Table 2 Paired sample t-test comparing mean pre and post impact of supervisor training (n = 117)

From: Feasibility and acceptability of strategies to address mental health and mental ill-health in the Australian coal mining industry

  Pre mean (SD) Post mean (SD) p
I am confident that I can describe the difference between mental health, mental health problems and mental illness 2.94 (0.87) 3.92 (0.71) 0.005
I am confident that I can identify if someone was experiencing mental health difficulties in the workplace 3.18 (0.75) 3.82 (0.67) < 0.001
I am willing to start a conversation with a workmate about their mental health or my concerns for them 3.81 (1.07) 4.16 (0.79) < 0.001
I am confident that I can identify supports that can be recommended to a person experiencing mental health problems 3.69 (0.99) 4.23 (0.70) < 0.001
I am confident that I can have an effective conversation about performance issues that may be due to mental health problems 3.31 (0.93) 3.99 (0.74) < 0.001
  1. Scores from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much)