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Table 2 Summary of CHWs' competencies and attributes

From: Personal attributes and competencies required by community health workers for a role in integrated mental health care for perinatal depression: voices of primary health care stakeholders from Surabaya, Indonesia

Competencies Knowledge, skills, attributes Qualities and specific topics
Knowledge and understanding Knowledge (about) Pregnancy: physical and psychological changes during pregnancy
  Maternal life
  Children development
  Perinatal depression: symptoms of depression and strategies of detection
Attitude Having positive attitude towards the mental health of pregnant women
  Being confident towards CHWs’ role for future generation
Skills and personal qualities Communication skills Having good communication techniques, i.e. manner of speaking/asking questions and using nonjudgmental and simple language
  Being aware to the confidentiality of an issue
Social skills Socially active and able to socialize well
  Being alert to community needs
  Respect for cultural diversity
Personality Open-minded and have problem-solving skills
  Mature, patient, and caring to others
Personal attributes Age Being 30–50 years old is the most preferable; below 30 is less trusted and lack of skills; above 60 is less productive
Level of education Having basic literacy (reading and writing) is necessary, but having a minimum of high school educational background is more preferred
Sex Female is preferred, but male is acceptable
Motivation Self-willingness and are not money-driven, ‘ikhlas’
Experience Have experience in marriage, pregnancy, and working with mothers