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Table 2 Ranked satisfaction rates for the items of Larson’s CSQ-8 satisfaction questionnaire and the modified CIC satisfaction questionnaire of respondents in Mekelle public hospitals, psychiatry department, Tigray regional state, Ethiopia, August 2014 (n = 415)

From: Assessment of patients’ satisfaction and associated factors among outpatients received mental health services at public hospitals of Mekelle Town, northern Ethiopia

CSQ-8 questionnaire Satisfied % (very good/good) Not satisfied % (poor/fair)
How do you rate the quality of service you received 75.9 24.1
Did you get the kind of service you wanted 70.6 29.4
To what extent of our health services met your needs 70.8 29.2
If a friend were in need of similar help, would you recommend our service to him or her? 72 28
How satisfied are you with the amount of help you have received? 70.1 29.9
Have the services you received helped you to deal more effectively with your problems? 70.8 29.2
In an overall, general sense, how satisfied are you with the service you have received? 72.3 27.7
If you were to seek help again, would you come back to our hospital? 70.8 29.2
 Are you satisfied with confidentiality and discretion? 74.7 25.3
 Are you satisfied with your relationship with healthcare staff members? 75.7 24.3
 Are you satisfied with staff members’ availability? 69.6 30.4
 Are you satisfied with the opening hours of this treatment center? 72.3 27.7
 Are you satisfied with the length of appointment? 64 36
 Are you satisfied with frequency of appointment? 70.6 29.4
 Are you satisfied with the information received about your treatment (medication)? 75.2 24.8
 Are you satisfied with the time you waited before your first appointment? 50.2 49.6
 Are you satisfied with the information received about your health status? 73 27