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TableĀ 1 Examples from the literature search

From: Systematic review: cultural adaptation and feasibility of screening for autism in non-English speaking countries

Search ID# Search terms Results
S18 S16 AND S17 (36)
S17 nurs* or allied health or health care provider (138,950)
S16 S14 AND S15 (886)
S15 cultur* (295,498)
S14 S7 AND S13 (25,630)
S13 S8 OR S9 OR S10 OR S11 OR S12 (1,257,837)
S12 assess* (628,678)
S11 detect* (110,318)
S10 test* (740,387)
S9 surveillance (0)
S8 screen* (76,978)
S7 S1 OR S2 OR S3 OR S4 OR S5 OR S6 (70,399)
S6 rett* (1752)
S5 kanner* (810)
S4 pervasive* (14,573)
S3 asperger* (3496)
S2 ASD spectrum disorders (32,945)
S1 autis* (62,874)
  1. Psych Info (36) 22/03/2016