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Table 1 Respondents participating in the face-to-face interviews

From: Mental health in primary health care in a rural district of Cambodia: a situational analysis

Respondents, title Sections
District level
 Representative, Health, Lvea Em District Ι–V
 Representative, Administration, Lvea Em District Ι
 Midwife, Lvea Em District ΙΙ–V
Provincial level
 Representative, Provincial Health Department, Kandal Province ΙΙ–VΙ
 Representative, Chey Choum Nean Hospital
National level
 Professor and Psychiatrist, Phnom Penh ΙΙ–VΙΙ
 Representative, Department of hospital, Phnom Penh ΙΙ, ΙΙΙ, V, VΙ
 Psychiatrist, Phnom Penh ΙΙ–VΙ
 Representative, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse ΙΙ–VΙ
 Psychiatrist, Phnom Penh ΙΙ–VΙ
 Psychiatrist, Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Cambodia ΙΙ, ΙV–VΙΙ
 Psychologist and Community Programme Manager Ι–ΙΙΙ
 Pediatrician Ι–VΙ
 Psychiatrist ΙV