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Table 4 Results of confirmatory factor analysis: comparison of goodness-of-fit indices between four-, three-, and one-factor RKI models (N = 299)

From: The property of the Japanese version of the Recovery Knowledge Inventory (RKI) among mental health service providers: a cross sectional study

Model GFI AGFI CFI RMSEA Chi square df p
4-factor a .93 .90 .91 .053 179.59 98 .00
3-factorb .89 .85 .76 .080 295.63 101 .00
1-factorc .87 .82 .77 .093 274.96 77 .00
  1. Four-factor model derived in the original study by Bedregal et al. [17] is not shown because of an improper solution in this study
  2. GFI goodness of fit index, AGFI adjusted goodness of fit index; CFI confirmatory fit index, df degrees of freedom; better fit model denoted by italic letters
  3. a20 items loaded on a four-factor structure in the present study
  4. b16 items loaded on a three-factor structure by Happell et al. [9]
  5. c14 items loaded on one factor structure by Wilrycx et al. [31]