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Table 2 Physical health components/policies in mental health plans of sub-Saharan African Countries

From: Physical health policies and metabolic screening in mental health care systems of sub-Saharan African countries: a systematic review

Country Physical health components/policies
Burundi The focus should also be on the physical well-being
Ethiopia Providing physical health care to persons with mental disorders is needed. By integrating mental health services into the primary health care system it is envisioned that those with both physical and mental health related needs will be treated in a seamless and comprehensive manner
Ghana The Mental Health Authority should ensure there is implementation of legislation to protect the mentally ill with regards to employment, accommodation and access to treatment which should include access to physical health care treatment for those who cannot afford to be part of the National Health Insurance Scheme
Nigeria People with mental illness have a higher premature mortality than the general population from physical illness. It is therefore extremely important to ensure adequate physical health care and health promotion to people with mental illness, particularly those being looked after in psychiatric units and hospitals
South-Africa Mental and substance use disorders are closely correlated with physical diseases including both communicable diseases such as HIV and AIDS and non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and cancer. The aim is to implement a routine screening and treatment of physical illness in all consultations for people with mental illness
Zambia Improved access to care and treatment of co-morbid physical conditions is an aim