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Table 1 Variables captured in the ATAPS and headspace minimum datasets

From: Complementary primary mental health programs for young people in Australia: Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) and headspace

Variable ATAPS headspace
Sociodemographic characteristics
 Low incomea
Clinical characteristics
 Previous history of mental health careb
 Stage of illnessc  
Treatment received
 Number of sessionsd
 Treatment receivede
 Client copayment  
Client outcomes
 Other measures  
  1. ATAPS Access to Allied Psychological Services
  2. aLow income was determined according to the GP’s judgement in ATAPS and by receiving a government benefit via headspace
  3. bThere was relatively poor compliance with the completion of ‘previous history of mental health care’ in headspace
  4. cStage 1: mild or increased risk; Stage 2: moderate or sub-threshold; Stage 3: severe or full threshold
  5. d headspace delivers both psychological and non-psychological services. Only sessions in which psychological services were delivered were analysed and may be somewhat over-represented as multiple psychological services delivered in a single session are recorded as multiple services/sessions
  6. eTreatments explicitly involving behavioural interventions and/or cognitive interventions were classified as CBT; assessment, psycho-education, relaxation strategies, skills training and/or interpersonal therapy were classified as non-CBT