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Table 4 Self-reported training needs of health extension workers

From: Training needs and perspectives of community health workers in relation to integrating child mental health care into primary health care in a rural setting in sub-Saharan Africa: a mixed methods study

Health extension worker recommendations Frequency Percentage
Suggested area to be included in mental health and childhood problems study text a
Detailed, clear and separate session 77 74.1
Signs, symptoms and cause or detail on identification 20 19.2
Management and treatment 16 15.4
More practical part i.e. about first aid 11 10.6
Suggestions on how study text can be improved a
Detailed, clear and separate module 77 74.0
Practical training 22 21.2
Simple Amharic 7 6.7
Receiving module on time 8 7.7
Adequate time for training 6 5.8
  1. a Respondents could provide multiple answers