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Table 3 Experience of health extension workers in utilization of the training materials

From: Training needs and perspectives of community health workers in relation to integrating child mental health care into primary health care in a rural setting in sub-Saharan Africa: a mixed methods study

Questionnaire items Frequency Percentage
Do you use any of the training provided in the mental health and childhood problems study material in your work?
No, never 14 13.5
Yes, but only rarely (once or twice a year) 19 18.3
Yes, sometimes (about once a month) 23 22.1
Yes, often (about once a week) 20 19.2
Yes, very often (more than once a week) 28 26.9
If Yes, how did the training help you in your daily work? a
Increasing knowledge and awareness 52 50.0
Improve the service 22 21.2
Identification of the case 14 13.5
Motivated me to do and read the materials 8 7.7
Counseling 8 7.7
Referral 6 5.8
Have you organized a mental health awareness meeting in your community?
No, never 67 64.4
Yes, but only once 26 25.0
Yes, two or more meeting 11 10.6
  1. a Respondents could provide multiple answers