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Table 3 Short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes as reported by the participants

From: Users’ involvement in mental health services: programme logic model of an innovative initiative in integrated care

Short-term outcomes Intermediate outcomes Long-term outcomes
Forging of connections and development of mutual trust
Sharing of knowledge, experience, opinions
Emergence of new knowledge and awareness of participants’ lived experience
Enhanced knowledge of issues in the mental health network and participants’ personal, professional and organisational realities
Personal growth and/or progress towards greater openness to others
Enhanced understanding of the mental health network and its issues
Change in perceptions and awareness that a situation can be viewed differently
Introspection and prejudice reduction
Change in attitudes and empowerment
Mobilisation and motivation towards change
Put person first and promote human values
Change in practices and establishment of concrete projects
Support for integrated practices that foster users’ active involvement
Engagement and involvement in promoting recovery values