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Table 2 Adjusted odds ratios for direct relationships between involvement in health risk behaviours, mental health symptoms and previous year suicidal ideas among a sample of Vietnamese high school students (results from path analysis)

From: Poly-victimisation and health risk behaviours, symptoms of mental health problems and suicidal thoughts and plans among adolescents in Vietnam

Variables Previous year suicidal ideas
Females Males
Adjusted OR (95 % CI) Adjusted OR (95 % CI)
Involvement in health risk behaviours (yes versus no) 1.93 (1.13; 3.30) 1.49 (0.46; 4.82)
Mental health symptoms (DASS-21-V total scores) 1.06 (1.04; 1.09) 1.09 (1.06; 1.12)
  1. Significant results are in italic
  2. OR Odds ratio; CI Confidence interval; model adjusted for presence of a chronic condition or disability, family composition, family relationship, number of adverse life events experienced, residential area and school sector