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Table 3 HMIS human resources

From: Information systems for mental health in six low and middle income countries: cross country situation analysis

Themes Ethiopia India Nepal Nigeria South Africa Uganda
Minimum qualification needed to start career in HMIS. Level IV diploma Graduate in any discipline Diploma in statistics Bachelor This varies widely Certificate in HIMS
Qualification for HMIS expert Information not available BSc and MSc in statistics MA in Statistics and work experiences BSc in Health information and work experience None as the expertise is interdisciplinary Master degree in biostatistics
Number of HMIS specialists Number not available 20 5 Number not available Number not available 3
Number of HMIS trainers Number not available Number not available About 200 About 200 Number not available About 10
Standard HMIS training manuals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specialized courses in HMIS Yes No No Yes, but very few No Yes