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Table 2 CBLC implementation checklist

From: Testing the Community-Based Learning Collaborative (CBLC) implementation model: a study protocol

Phase Component Strategy Party responsible Completed (y/n) Date of completion Tracked for each participant
Exploration/preparation Stakeholder meetings Phone CBLC faculty    Yes/no
In person CBLC faculty    Yes/no
CCT formation Phone/in-person Senior leaders    Yes/no
Participant/team selection Phone/in-person CBLC faculty/senior leaders    
Preparation Readiness assessment Agency self-study CAC ED and CCT   
Key stakeholder interviews CBLC faculty   
Pre-CBLC on-line assessment Participants    Completed—yes/no
Orientation In person CBLC faculty    Attended (y/n)
Pre-work activities On-line registration/assessment Participants    Completed (y/n)
Active implementation LS1/2—in person training sessions Track training (clinicians, brokers, senior leaders) CBLC faculty    Attended (y/n)
Community change team activities (e.g., PDSAs) CBLC faculty   
Action period Clinical consultation calls Expert faculty    # of Calls
Broker consultation calls Expert faculty    # of Calls
Senior leader consultation calls Expert faculty    # of Calls
Clinical case identification/registration Participants    # of Cases
Client pre-treatment assessment Participants   
Clinical metrics—weekly/monthly Participants    % completed
Broker metrics—monthly Participants    % completed
Senior leader metrics-monthly Participants    % completed
Post CBLC Evaluation CBLC faculty    Yes/no