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Table 1 CBLC implementation model

From: Testing the Community-Based Learning Collaborative (CBLC) implementation model: a study protocol

CBLC strategy/activity by implementation phase Purpose
1.1 Senior leader stakeholder meetings (conference calls and in-person): overview of CBLC; identification of key stakeholders;
1.2 Community Change Team (CCT) formation
1.3 Readiness assessment agency self-study; key stakeholder phone interviews
1.4 Orientation
1.1 Early planning and consensus building; create/highlight shared goals and resources; establish/strengthen cooperative interactive relationships; identify potential change agents/opinion leaders; information dissemination
1.2 Foster inter-organizational relationships; opportunities for shared brainstorming/problem-solving; increased communication
1.3 Identify service gaps, organizational capacity; availability of resources; existence/quality of coordinated care across agencies; potential implementation barriers
1.4 Provide overview of CBLC (information dissemination)
Active implementation
2.1 Pre-work registration; pre-CBLC on-line assessment; readings; completion of on-line web courses (TF-CBTWeb; clinicians; CVWeb brokers)
2.2 In-person training sessions: track training (clinicians, brokers, senior leaders); community change team (CCT) activities (2 or 3, 2-day sessions)
2.1 Assess baseline knowledge; assess individual and organizational factors related to implementation outcomes
2.2 Build supply/demand concurrently; facilitate knowledge/skill acquisition in TF-CBT and case management/monitoring activities; define and reinforce professional roles and responsibilities; further development/strengthening of CCT
Action periods
(3, 3–4 month periods): treatment implementation; weekly/monthly clinical and broker metrics; phone consultation Training/technical assistance; identification of implementation barriers and strategies to address barriers; tracking of TF-CBT use/self-reported competence; tracking broker case management/case monitoring activities
Post CBLC assessment period: monthly clinical/broker metrics; participant interviews Assess continued use of TF-CBT; broker use of case management/monitoring activities; involvement in CCT