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Box 1 Policy documents included in the study

From: Health policy and integrated mental health care in the SADC region: strategic clarification using the Rainbow Model

Country Document
Botswana National Health Policy: Towards a Healthier Botswana (2011)
Integrated Health Service Plan: A Strategy for Changing the Health Sector For Healthy Botswana 20102020 (2010)
National Policy on Mental Health (2003)
Malawi To the Year 2020: A Vision for the Health Sector in Malawi (1999)
Malawi Health Sector Strategic Plan 20112016 (2010)
National Mental Health Policy (2001)
Namibia National Health Policy Framework 20102020 (2010)
Ministry of Health and Social Services Strategic Plan 20092013 (2009)
National Policy for Mental Health (2005)
South Africa White Paper for the Transformation of the Health System in South Africa (1997)
Department of Health Strategic Plan 2014/152018/19 (2014)
National Mental Health Policy Framework and Strategic Plan 2013-2020 (2012)
Zambia National Health Policy (2011)
National Health Strategic Plan 20112015 (2011)
Mental Health Policy (2004)