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Table 3 CAMH problems as identified by MHC Providers in their caseloads

From: Child mental health in Sierra Leone: a survey and exploratory qualitative study

Category Examples
Developmental disorders Autism, mental retardation
Mood disorders Depression, mania
Psychotic disorders (Acute) psychosis, drug-induced psychosis, schizophrenia, mania
Behavioural problems & substance abuse Behavioural problem/disorder, substance abuse (cannabis and alcohol), gang activity and membership, addiction to stealing, murder, stubbornness
Emotional Problems Anger, low self-esteem, grief, stress, exam-related stress, rebellion, anxiety
Social Problems Problems in social interaction
Family and child rearing issues Family (relational) problems, rejection, “adolescence crisis” (being misunderstood by parents who do not accept their children are growing up), lack of parenting skills
Abuse Emotional abuse, sexual harassment, rape
Issues related to sexuality Homosexuality, masturbation, prostitution
Other Bitterness, “unforgiveness”, financial problems, career issues, epilepsy