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Table 2 Questions used to measure individual cognitive social capital in Sweden and Ukraine

From: Gender differences in the association between cognitive social capital, self-rated health, and depressive symptoms: a comparative analysis of Sweden and Ukraine

Sweden Categories Ukraine Categories
Institutional trust
 How confident are you of the following institutions in the society?
  How much of the time do you think you can trust the national government to do what is right?  
 Very much High Almost always High
 Relatively much Most of the time
 Not very much Moderate Some of the time Moderate
 Not at all Low Hardly ever Low
 Have no opinion No opinion Never  
Feeling of safety
 How safe and secure do you feel when you walk alone in your neighborhood when it is dark?   How safe do you feel when walking down your street alone after dark?  
 Very safe High Completely safe High
 Pretty safe Very safe
 Somewhat unsafe Moderate Moderately safe Moderate
 Very unsafe Low Slightly safe Low
 Never alone when it is dark Never alone Not safe at all