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Table 8 Family level achievements (mezzo level)

From: A qualitative exploration of a family self-help mental health program in El Salvador

Subgroup Comments
User I learned to improve my relationships. I’m not jealous of my wife anymore
I cooperate and help out more, like going out to buy tortillas and sweeping
I don’t fight with family members now. We have lower levels of confrontation
I feel less pressure and demands by my family members on me
The program helps me to try to improve relationships with some family members who are indifferent and condescending towards me
Family caregiver Stress relief: we can rest because the user is not in the house all the time. Families also don’t get bored of the user, we can enjoy our ill loved one more
The level of understanding goes up in the family and this is transmitted and felt by the user too
Life is easier in the family. Learning how to care for my two schizophrenic sons has helped us all improve our communication in the family with my deaf daughter
I try to share what I’ve learned with other family members
The program helps with unification of the family as myths and blaming disappear
There is improved coordination of care by family caregivers
Family members learn to respect the user and become more tolerant of the user’s behavior
Families understand and fight against user dependency (co-dependency and dependency issues), and against their own caregiver burnout
Professional As a volunteer, the program has helped me to create a conscience in my children, to the point where they encourage me to let go of family time and do my volunteer work with the program
  1. Responses reflected benefits at the family level. Users learned to improve family relationships, to help out, and to reduce fighting. They also feel empowered to deal with critical and demanding family members. Caregivers feel less stress and enjoy their loved one more. They experience greater levels of understanding, communication, and motivation to share what they’ve learned. They are able to identify myths, to coordinate care better, to deal with their caregiver burnout, and to respect the human rights of their loved one. Professionals describe benefits gained through volunteering