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Table 7 Individual level achievements (micro level)

From: A qualitative exploration of a family self-help mental health program in El Salvador

Subgroup Comments
Users The program keeps me occupied
The program channels my energies
I receive personalized attention for dealing with my problems
I learn about myself, my problem, and I find answers that help me to overcome the agony
I felt my self-esteem grow when I began to earn money
One feels useful, from the family to the organization and even for our society
Family caregivers The program helps unburden family caregivers
One can speak freely and express hidden feelings
We find support in the program
I receive help in emergency moments of crisis
I feel this is my family; I can cry here
I feel accepted and free to be myself
Understanding and insight, for the illness and user, and for going to the streets to defend our rights in public protests
Our empowerment evolves; we grow with time and practice
I discovered I can help others
I discovered a different way to working—in a group. There is no boss looking over my shoulder
  1. Users and caregivers expressed individual level achievements and benefits of participation, including keeping occupied, channeling energy usefully, personal attention, self-understanding and self-management, improved self-esteem, feeling useful to others and to society, chance to unburden oneself and express feelings, find support, understanding the illness, opportunities to advocate for systemic change, increasing sense of empowerment, ability to help others