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Table 4 Program leadership—by program component and duration (in years)

From: A qualitative exploration of a family self-help mental health program in El Salvador

Sub-group Family caregivers Users Professionals
Family class instructor (total years)a 7 0 17
 Average years 1.8 0 5.3
Support group coordination (total years) 10 0 10
 Average years 2.5 0 3.3
Public awareness projects (total years) 3.5 2 15
 Average years 0.9 0.5 5
Board/coordination team (total years) 5 0 7
 Average years 1.3 0 2.3
Advocacy national service (total years) 6.5 0 26
 Average years 1.6 0 8.7
Psycho-social group (total years) 2 0b 16
 Average years 0.5 0b 5.3
Other (total years)c 0 0 40
 Average years 0 0 13.3
  1. Comparison of users, caregivers and professionals by duration of leadership roles in principal program components, for example, coordination of public awareness projects, or service on coordination (leadership) team, or facilitator of the psycho-social group for users
  2. a Total years refers to the sum of years that all family caregivers together obtained; average years refers to the total years divided by the number of persons in the subgroup
  3. b Users stated they provided encouragement and listening to their peers, but did not consider themselves to have decision making power or to be leaders
  4. c Homes visits facilitation, leadership on fund raising, strategic planning with ACISAM and AFAPDIM, etc