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Table 3 Improvements related to FESEP program participation

From: A qualitative exploration of a family self-help mental health program in El Salvador

Subgroup Comments
Users Since I began to participate in FESEP I feel acceptance, I feel useful, I occupy my time, and I get moral support
Now I don’t sleep so much of the day. My family situation has improved because everyone is participating in the program, including the other person with a mental illness, so there are not big fights now. There’s more income, more understanding between us. I get out of the house to go to the program. Family members are not so demanding and directing because they understand of my condition
I’m able to relate to others now. I respect my grandfather. I coexist with others and think positively. I am happy. I have friends
Family caregivers Our family members now have an understanding of my brother. We look for creative ways to treat him. For example, we hide his morning meds in his oatmeal
Now we can talk and eat together, we laugh together. My older son stopped smoking. Home crisis intervention by ACISAM professionals was very helpful once when the police had to be called to take my psychotic son to the hospital
  1. Quotes from users and caregivers related to feelings of being accepted, happy, useful, improved family dynamics and income, increased understanding, ability to relate to others, to have friends, to enjoy family, and to have support in times of crisis