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Table 10 Organizational achievements (mezzo level)

From: A qualitative exploration of a family self-help mental health program in El Salvador

Achievements Comments
Across subgroups The program promotes horizontal leadership
It develops skills to self-organize
The formation of our group [as a government-recognized nonprofit organization] facilitates advocacy and participation at the governmental level. We are empowered to fight for the defense of human rights
We are no longer invisible; we have an identity
It develops our understanding of the importance of self-organization to resolve problems, like the Medications Lawa
It promotes collaborations with other nonprofits
  1. All subgroups of participants agreed that there were organizational benefits at the mezzo level as well. These included that the program develops horizontal leadership, the ability to organize, and that this results in the establishment of a formal group and advocacy by the group. Rather than feeling invisible, they feel they have an identity as a respected organization and this results in collaboration with other organizations and achievements in advocacy. Achievements through the development and functioning of an organization
  2. a The “Ley de Medicamentos” (Medications Law) is a law that was proposed to reduce the exorbitant cost of medications in El Salvador. Members of the FESEP program joined many other civil society groups in holding forums and marching in street protests calling for passage of the law. For the mentally ill and their family members, this was a huge achievement, moving from stigmatized isolation to public protest. Despite significant odds, the coalition of groups succeeded in passage of the law in early 2013