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Table 1 Postpartum depression English text

From: Perceptions and experiences of perinatal mental disorders in rural, predominantly ethnic minority communities in northern Vietnam

Scenario 1
"A 24 year-old woman, a new mother of a 2-month old infant, complains of headaches and trouble with sleep that has lasted for the past 4 weeks. She finds that she often wakes during the night, and cannot sleep well even when the baby sleeps. She does not have a fever. Her speech and movement are slower than normal. She says that she has lost her appetite, and does not enjoy eating as much as she used to. She feels ashamed because she has difficulty performing her usual activities and caring for her child, and her family has expressed concern about her behaviour. She admits that she does not breastfeed her child often. She feels worthless and sometimes thinks that she does not want to live anymore."