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Table 4 Main themes identified from service user and family member interviews

From: Service user and family member perspectives on services for mental health, substance use/addiction, and violence: a qualitative study of their goals, experiences and recommendations

Desired Outcomes When Seeking Help
 Having MSD(V) issues improve
 Understanding MSD(V) issues better
 Feeling/being “normal”
 Addressing practical needs
 Improving social relationships
Ways to Improve Services/Systems
 (a) Types of services and how they are provided
  Being listened to, not judged and treated with respect
  Availability of peer support and help from people who have lived experience
  Appropriate use of medications and related support
  Recreation activities
  Assistance with practical needs
 (b) Broad system of care
  Coordinated holistic care and help navigating the system
  More accessible publicly funded services
  Early intervention
 (c) System issues specifically of concern to family members
  A system that supports greater involvement of family members
  Mechanisms for treatment compliance