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Table 2 Emergent themes from the telephone interviews

From: Policies on sexual expression in forensic psychiatric settings in different European countries

Themes Definition Sub themes
1. General views on sexual expressionb, c, d, e Stance on condoning the expression of sexuality and intimacy and patients having relationships in secure forensic-psychiatric care Positiveb, c
Negatived, e
2. Screening proceduresa, b, c, d, e Procedures put in place to screen for any risks or vulnerabilities related to sexual activities. These could include sexual contact with another patient, a partner outside the institution (this can be a long-standing partner, a new partner, a prostitute) Relationship with partner
outside the institutiona, b, c, e
Vulnerability of patienta, b, c, e
Relationship between patientsa, b, c
3. Safe sexa, b, c, d Safe sex put in place when considering patients being sexually active Distributing condomsa, b, c, d
Access to contraceptiona, b
Sexually transmitted diseasesa, c
4. Private spacea, b, c, d, e Patients having privacy in a designated area to carry out sexual activity Conjugal suitesa, b, c
Bedroomsb, c
On leavea, b, e
5. Public opiniona, b, c, d Perception of public opinion on patients having sexual relationships and expressing their sexuality Restrictive/punitivea, b, c, d
6. Patients’ responsesa, b, c, d, e Response of service users to policies on sexual expression Few complaintsa, b, e
Seen as restrictivea, c, d
7. Policy implementationa, b, c, d, e Views of staff on implementation of policy on sexual expression Considerable difficultya
Occasional difficultyc, d
Issue not raisedb, e
8. Future plansa, c, d, e Future plans and ideas that could help in the development of policies on sexual expression in forensic-psychiatric care Maintaining long-term relationshipsd
Male homosexual relationshipse
Learning from othersa, d, e
National discussionsa, c
  1. aSwitzerland
  2. bGermany
  3. cNetherlands
  4. dUK, high secure
  5. eUK, medium secure