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Table 7 Attitude changes reported by students at follow-up

From: ‘teen Mental Health First Aid’: a description of the program and an initial evaluation

Response n (%)
In the future, if you were to come across someone who you believed was experiencing a mental health problem or crisis, how well prepared would you feel to deal with the situation? (n = 161)
 Well prepared 113 (70.2)
 Neither prepared nor unprepared 11 (6.8)
 Not well prepared 10 (6.2)
 Unsure 2 (1.2)
 Invalid 25 (15.5)
How has the “teen Mental Health First Aid” program changed how you relate to or feel about people who experience mental health problems? (n = 159)
 Better understanding of mental health problems 62 (39.0)
 Gave me skills to use 29 (18.2)
 Gave me more confidence in helping 10 (6.3)
 Helped me relate to people with mental illness 17 (10.7)
 Reinforced what I already know 17 (10.7)
 No change 26 (16.4)
 Invalid 16 (10.1)
 Unsure 1 (0.6)