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Box 1 Six domains in which interventions were put

From: Tailoring interventions to implement recommendations for the treatment of elderly patients with depression: a qualitative study

1. Support for a collaborative care plan for elderly patients with moderate or severe depression
 a. Development of the plan (offer templates and reminders that were essential for the plan, and that could be tailored to each municipality)
 b. Content of the plan (suggested content, including recommendations, that describes the management of depression in the elderly that the municipality could include in the plan)
2. Resources for GPs and other health care personnel (leaflets, templates, manuals)
3. Resources for patients and their relatives (leaflets, manuals)
4. Outreach visits for GPs (presentation of recommendations, the evidence for the recommendations, determinants of practice for the recommendation and any local circumstances that may impede or facilitate adherence that would imply an adjustment of the strategy to local determinants)
5. Educational courses for GPs, other health care professionals, patients and their relatives, including CME courses for GPs and courses approved for nurses and other healthcare professionals
6. Online services (a web-site with all the resources, including e-learning courses)