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Table 1 Comparison of mental health services in Iraq prior to 2003 versus 2011

From: Beyond the crisis: building back better mental health care in 10 emergency-affected areas using a longer-term perspective

Mental health service level Prior to 2003 2011
Long-stay facilities and specialist services Two institutional-style mental hospitals in Baghdad. Baghdad mental hospitals still exist; undergoing reform.
Psychiatric services in general hospitals Outpatient services only, and limited to large hospitals in the centres of the governorates. 25 new mental health units, offering mix of inpatient and outpatient services.
   New inpatient beds for children and adolescents in paediatric hospital.
Community mental health services Public outpatient services in major general and university hospitals. 34 new outpatient-only units, including:
  Private clinics in main cities for those who could afford them. • 4 for children and adolescents;
• 1 for maternal mental health;
• 1 for geriatric mental health;
• 8 for trauma counselling;
• 1 for substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment.
Primary care services for mental health Minimal. Integration of mental services within primary health care started throughout Iraq.